owl cremation jewelry

Experiencing the death of your loved one is a desperately heartbreaking thing. To relieve the endless sadness, people try hard to grasp something to honor their lovers such as hair, photos or ashes. In the preliminary stage, personalizing a piece of cremation jewelry would be a good choice. YFN provides custom service for urn jewelry and there is also a wide range of jewels for ashes from animal to religious series. By the way, owl cremation jewelry is the best sellers at YFN.

Before taking a deep dive into the ways to alleviate your grief, let’s do a quick touch on the history of cremation jewelry. Then you will understand why cremation jewelry for ashes could become a trend.

owl cremation jewelry

A brief history of cremation jewelry

There is an evolution in the way of mourn their loved ones. It can date back to the Victorian ages when people always took a photo with a dead family member. It was around this time that memorial jewelry started popularly. It was a kind of jewelry featuring the intricately woven hairs of the dead one. Jewelry merchants racked their heads and made this mourning jewelry into wreaths, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, bonnets, and other decorative accessories. This makes mourning for the dead less heartbreaking since you can still feel their love and they always want to do something good for you.

In modern society, more and more people feel like it is bad to possess things of the dead such as teeth, skin, and nails. Therefore, life photos and ashes become trendy.

owl cremation jewelry
owl cremation jewelry

The function of cremation jewelry for ashes

Once you lost your loved one, most of you can’t help wailing. As we all know, crying is also a kind of protection of our body which makes us relieve from the huge grief and prevent us from collapsing. However, some people can’t find the right way to release their emotions so they would hold a lot of passive feelings in their hearts. As for those people, cremation jewelry would be a perfect choice since once you touch the jewelry held your loved one’s ashes a deluge of precious memory will pour out which makes you shed tears in sorrow.

This jewel can connect you to your loved one since it makes your loved one close to your heart. Cremation jewelry for ashes would also be a good accessory for your outfit for the rest of your life.

Of course. There is still a long life journey for us. So we must cheer ourselves up and lead a positive life quickly.

Five Tips for overcoming the grief of loss the loved one

Keep reading here? congratulations! At least you have already recognized that it is important to cheer yourself up. Here are some methods to relieve you from the tremendous grief.

Accept your feelings

Don’t hurry. Time will recover every scar. Commonly, you will go through a wide range of emotions including grief, helplessness and anger. What you need to do is just accept these passive feelings and don’t hide them with a face mask. It will impede the healing process.

Talking with others who are suffering the loss of loved one also

Let your friends and colleagues know what happened in your life and how difficult a time you are going through. But they probably can’t understand your grief. So there is no need to talk more about them which may make you feel worse. You had better tell your feeling to your relatives who are suffering huge grief also. It would be better to exchange stories that happened between you and the dead or him/her and the dead.

Take care of yourself and your family

It is also important to take care of yourself by maintaining enough sleep time and eating food regularly. Because physical health has a close connection with mental health. Your family are also suffering from the loss of a loved one. Therefore, you should take the responsibility to take care of them also.

Distract your attention

Distracting your attention would be a useful way to relieve you from grief. You let yourself be caught in a sad mood for a long time. You can have some amusement activities such as watching movies or listening to music. It doesn’t mean that you don’t respect the dead.

Remember and celebrate the lives of the dead ones

Doing something for the dead ones is not only a way to pacify the soul of the dead ones but also a method to lighten our grief. Holding a party or donating money to a charity would be a good choice.

In conclusion

We have listed serval ways to get rid of huge grief from losing loved ones including wearing cremation jewelry, expressing your feeling to your friends or relatives, etc. Keep it together!

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