Permanent Jewelry

You must have the same concern when you see ‘Permanent Jewelry” the first time. Is that tattoo jewelry? How does it work? Is there a Permanent Jewelry Kit? Permanent jewelry has become a rising trend on Tiktok where you can see news and media post saying “TikTokers are flocking to jewelry stores to get forever bracelets permanently welded onto them.”

Permanent jewelry has been picked up by the TikTok crowd to emphasize permanence besides tattoos. This trend appeared like a lifesaver for those who like to lose their jewelry.

How Does Permanent Jewelry Work?

Jewelry you can’t take off and Jewelry you don’t take off require different degrees of commitment. An example of a famous brand that creates permanent jewelry must be Cartier which released its iconic Love Bracelet in 1969. It can only be secured and taken off with the a screwdriver and many would need to goto the jewelry store to get it removed.

Any Other Options?

It’s not necessary to express the degree of your love by welding permanent jewelry onto your body. Let’s find out the less intense options where you can express the same level of commitment and enjoy wearing it without the hassle and stress.

For Besties: 2-In-1 Matching Sunflower Necklaces

This must be the best matching idea for besties where you can actually put 2 pieces together as 1! The design of the 2-In-1 Matching Sunflower Necklace was inspired by the unconditional love spirit of sunflowers.

For Lovers: Personalized Double Name Ring

Wear your lover’s name with yours in this Adjustable Personalized Double Name Ring as everyday jewelry! If you look at commitment from another angle, love is permanent like the ring itself, but we as humans are adjustable to fit well with each other.

For Family: 3 Birthstone & Engraved Name Ring

Treasure your family bonding with imagination by creating a Personalized Family Birthstone Ring. Personalize with 3 birthstones and engraved names made with 925 sterling silver.

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