Happy Canadian Thanksgiving Everyone! Thanksgiving is celebrated every second Monday of October in Canada, which will be on October 10th, 2022 for this year. It is a regional holiday celebrated in most regions in Canada with traditions like turkey dinner, Canadian thanksgiving decorations, and family gatherings. You may celebrate this harvesting day with a maple leaf necklace to say thank you to the country for everything and show that you are proud to be Canadian!

3 Differences Between Canadian and American Thanksgiving

Some might be confused with the U.S. Thanksgiving in November. Let’s find out the difference between United States Thanksgiving and Canadian Thanksgiving now!

1. Canadian Thanksgiving is in October

The main difference between American and Canadian Thanksgiving is the one-month gap. The date of Canadian Thanksgiving has changed several times from mid-week in April to November. Until 1957, the Canadian government has declared the official date as every second Monday of October(Monday, October 10, 2022).

2. Different Origins

The tradition of Thanksgiving is an autumnal festival celebration to show appreciation for the harvest of the season in the United States. On the other side, Canadian Thanksgiving was originally more about showing appreciation to God for keeping explorers safe and less about celebrating the harvest.

The first Thanksgiving happen until April 1872, it was meant to celebrate the recovery of the Prince of Wales from a severe illness.

3. More Subtle Celebration in Canada

Unlike the United State which celebrate Thanksgiving as one of the biggest holidays of the year, it’s considerly more low key in Canada.

In Canada the celebration might involves families coming together to have a turkey dinner gathering, but in the United States, families might travel across the country to celebrate this festival. Since Black Friday and Cyber Monday is happening around the Thankgiving season in America, it’s always related to a shopping craze. However, the Canadian government aim to separate the celebration of thanksgiving apart from Remembrance Day in November, which won’t trigger much shopping craze comparing to the United States.

Maple Leaf Necklace

Show them you are Canadian and express your gratitude for the harvest in this country with a Maple Leaf Necklace! You can proudly wear this yourself or send it as gift for your family during the gathering.

Cross & Projection Stone Necklace: Add more personalization

Another popular gift idea during the Thanksgiving dinner must be Cross Jewelry. Especially Christian communities who would celebrate thanksgiving in the church or larger family gathering. How about adding a bit more personalization to the necklace with the projection stone in the middle of the cross! You may add a memorable or meaningful image as personalization to complete the Cross and Projection Stone Necklace.

Canadian Thanksgiving Decorations

Now that you have your gifts ready and let’s get your Fall Table ready for the family dinner! Let’s dive into to some inspirations for Canadian Thanksgiving Decorations now!

Thanksgiving Table Setting

Inspo 1: Caramel & Pumpkin Spice Party

The most significant colors for the Fall table must be the Orangie Pumpkin Color, Cinnamon, dirty orange and olive green. These colors contribute to a warming, cozy and harvest theme. Set it up with candles to add on to the cozy feeling and golden spoon to enhance the whole look. Nevertheless, this theme is best for a rainy and cloudy day!

Golden Harvest Theme
Vintage Tropical Theme

Inspo 2: Minimal & Aesthetic

Do Not Limit Your Imagination! Create a minimal and aesthetic table to refresh that rainy October with white pumpkins, watermelons, and lots of greens.

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