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When it comes to pandas, lovely Chinese pandas may come to your mind. Red pandas are different from giant pandas in size but they are the same as rare animals with cute appearances. Both of them love to live in the bamboo forest as well. They look so cute that so many jewels are inspired by them.

How Do Red Pandas Look Like?

Red pandas are one of the most beloved animals in the world. They boast velvety, reddish-brown fur, and a face similar to that of a raccoon or a teddy bear. Their brown coat with white markings is unique with white patches around their eyes, cheek, mouth, and nose. Brushy animals seem to have the power to heal every wound. And they are indeed animals with a positive attitude.

Red pandas are similar to the size of domestic cats but with a little bit larger bodies and much thicker coats. Females generally weigh 3-6 kilograms while males weigh 3.7-6.2 kilograms. Similar to raccoons, they have obvious white patches and alternating colored rings on their tails. These brushy thick tails offer warmth and camouflage in the winter since they cover themselves with their tail just like a blanket. Besides, they are excellent skaters. Though their legs are short, their paws are powerful which help them grip icy surfaces.

Contributions Made by Red Pandas

According to the newest study, female red pandas consume almost 20,000 bamboo leaves in a single day. Red pandas help the bamboo plants keep healthy with this diet which in turn helps purify the air on our planet.

Being Endangered Red Pandas

The IUCN Red List classifies mature red pandas as Endangered animals because there are fewer than 10,000 of them left in the wild. The main factor contributing to their population reduction is the loss and fragmentation of habitat brought on by human activity.

However, the videos of their peculiar behaviors go viral on the internet. This may help them get their habitat back as more and more people approach them and know their dangerous position. If you want to help these lovely animals, it will be a good choice to wear red panda theme jewels to show your support. Since there are thousands of this kind of jewels sold online, we have listed several hot sellers including red panda necklace, bracelet and earrings as following.

YFN Red Panda Necklace

red panda necklace

Since red pandas are adept tree climbers the red panda necklace depicts a little red panda hanging on a tree with its head facing us. It looks like looking for something that just disturbed its movement. How cute it is! YFN red panda necklace crafted in sterling silver.

Red Panda Bracelet

red panda bracelet

A little red panda lies on a thick branch lightheartedly. If we turn the background into the blue sky, and green forest, it must be a still and peaceful picture which everyone living in cities eagers for. Wear this red panda bracelet and make your effort in this rescue.

Red Panda Earrings

red panda earrings

Red panda earrings with the above bracelets would be a perfectly balanced match. Trust me, they make you look awesome. They are crafted in sterling silver so they are totally safe for everyone even sensitive ears.

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