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Fleabag, a marvelous British drama, also a love story referring to sisterhood, teaches us how to love our estranged siblings. A thought comes into my head that parents make us siblings and the position of siblings makes us matter to each other.

It is written and acted by Phoebe Waller-Bridge as the title character. The protagonist doesn’t have a name in this drama so we call her fleabag in this blog. Fleabag’s sister, Claire was acted by Sian Clifford. They look down on each other in the first season because Fleabag has lost the ability to love the one whom she cares and Claire forces herself to shoulder too many stresses but she never tells and couldn’t find a way to relieve herself.

Fractious Situations When Fleabag and Claire Meet

The heroine’s life is indeed a mess. She runs a failing café; She has a shaky relationship with her boyfriend; She has a lot of friends with benefits, and she used to screw things up and make relationships worse.

Compared to Fleabag, Claire leads a “normal” life, even a “glamorous” life: highly educated, brand outfits, career, and marriage success. Claire is also used to being smart, capable, elegant, and generous in front of people. She swallows all the grievances and pains into herself, which is a vivid portrayal of the life of today’s urban adults!

So Fleabag scorns her older sister’s fake life and she thinks Claire is a coward who hasn’t the brave to escape from her failed marriage and neurotic adopted son. While Claire looks down upon Fleabag’s uncontrollable and messy life.

Love Is Buried Deeply in Their Heart

Though they seem don’t like one another, we can still dig their love out from details in this drama.

Scene One:

They are having dinner with their father and stepmother. They seem to have a very happy dinner with delicious food and chatting. Everyone in this scenery wears a fake mask to look good actually. Fleabag doesn’t want to join this chatting so she keeps silent throughout the meal. Claire is the only one who observes Fleabag’s abnormal behavior.

Scene Two:

Claire got a promotion opportunity and everyone including her family and Fleabag encourage her to take it. Claire can’t bear it anymore, yelling at her family “because I can’t just fuck off on airplanes, and leave my weird stepson and broken sister to fend for themselves”.

Both of them denote that Claire cares about her younger sister a lot. She used to shoulder too much responsibility.

Scene Three:

Fleabag found Claire has had a miscarriage and insisted to finish their family party instead of going to hospital, just out of her stupid responsibility. Fleabag couldn’t let that situation alone so she screamed and announced that she had a miscarriage and had to go to hospital.

Scene Four:

At the end of season two, Fleabag indeed helps her sister escape from that fake life, from her drunk husband and neurotic adopted son. Fleabag also gained the ability to say something nice to the one she deeply loves. “The only person I’d run through an airport for is you”, Fleabag said to Claire.

They love each other but they never perform it. But a good relationship needs the following forms to convey and express love.

What Can Be Regarded as A Good Enough Sisterhood?

  1. Accompany them when they are in pain and want to chat and it is best to respond in time. If they can’t help immediately, they can at least say: “Honey, I am a little busy now, you can do something to divert your attention first, and I will come to you once I finish.”
  2. Listen to each other, give appropriate feedback to their views, tell each other the “truth”, give each other some realistic suggestions, and most importantly, respect each other’s choices and decisions;
  3. Let the other person see the desire, loneliness, and fear behind all his actions and pains, and tell the other person: “No matter what I experience, I will be here.”

If you own a sisterhood kind like Fleabag and Claire, it is not too late to do something. Showing your love by saying nice words or sending a lovely gift such as sister necklaces, and sister bracelets, a romantic symbol of sisterhood.

Infinity Sister Necklaces

A sibling is the most wonderful gift given by our parents. Though we may quarrel sometimes, even fight against each other, we will be reunited once someone else comes to against anyone of us. This piece features two young girls playing on a swing together. And the pendant is infinity-shaped which is an everlasting symbol of permanent love.

Sister Locket

The heart-shaped necklace features two little girls counting stars. There is a romantic sentence coming to me that when you wish upon a star, it makes no different who you are. Anything your heart desires, will come to you. It can be used to hold your favorite photo and record your precious sisterhood no matter how far you away from your sister.

sister necklaces
sister necklaces

Butterfly Sister Bracelets

Beautiful butterfly is circled by a heart-shaped ring engraved with ‘always my sister forever my friend’. There are two infinity rings connected in this bracelet which means invariable love.

Sterling Silver Sister Bracelets

Vintage coin bracelets are also adored by girls as their minimalist appearance and elegance. A nice picture, sisters laughing and talking with their hands holding together, is depicted on the little coin. More meaningful sister jewels at YFN.

sister bracelets
sister bracelets

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