Titanium Jewelry
2023 Jewelry Market High Exposure Event

One of the most high-profile news in the jewelry market in 2023 is the brand-new work brought by De Beers Jewelers, the Ascending Shadows theme jewelry in bright pink, blue, and green metals, which innovatively uses anodized titanium and gives up gold And silver, replaced by high-saturation colors, making jewelry quite dazzling.

Over the years, as long as people think of jewelry, gold, and precious stones must first appear in their minds, and this concept is especially deeply rooted in China. Since titanium joined the jewelry circle, its popularity has continued to rise. Although it is not a precious metal in the traditional sense, the trend of combining it with high-end jewelry is not hindered in the slightest.

Coincidentally, Chopard will also use titanium gold in the new Red Carpet series of high-end jewelry. For example, when designing rose petals, pink titanium gold with the same color as gemstones are used; the pumpkin-style creative ring uses orange titanium gold as the main body. Design vines with green titanium. The designer cleverly used titanium gold’s rich colors to restore the original appearance of all things in nature.

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For jewelry, it doesn’t have “gold” in the name, or it has something to do with gold. Titanium used in jewelry refers to an alloy mainly composed of titanium, which is completely two substances with gold. Titanium metal materials are now widely used in the medical and aviation industries. In these high-tech fields, the “parts” involved in titanium gold are not cheap.

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1. “Lightness” is a significant factor in why jewelry designers are fond of titanium. The density and specific gravity of titanium metal are only 4.51g/cm2, about half that of stainless steel, cobalt, chromium, and other alloys, and about 1/3 of the weight of gold.

2. High hardness and corrosion resistance. The strength of titanium is similar to that of high-strength steel, and it will not deform for a long time. At the same time, the metal surface is not easy to scratch, so the work is always like new.

3. Super good “skin-friendly.” The chemical properties of titanium metal are very stable; it will not change its color tone at room temperature nor oxidize and blacken like metallic silver. When in contact with the skin, worrying about it causing allergies is unnecessary.

4. Domineering “coloring” skills. Titanium will produce different colors after electric current and chemical treatment. There are two main types of color processing on the surface of titanium alloys: “baked color” and “anodized.” Anodizing is a technique used in the manufacture of high-end jewelry. It transmits electric current to the surface of titanium through an acid solution so that the surface of titanium forms a layer of insulating oxide. The final color depends on the voltage required for the oxidation process. , and a change in voltage causes a color change. Thus, the color obtained with this process tends to be more uniformly controlled.

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If you want to design titanium jewelry, you must overcome the difficulties brought about by its high melting point, metal memory, and precise control of color matching.

1. The temperature of gold is 1064°C, while the temperature of titanium reaches 1668°C. Don’t underestimate the difference in melting point of 600°C. This means that even if made into a small piece of jewelry, it needs a higher process. and equipment.

2. Titanium is a “memory metal.” Titanium alloy is a special memory alloy. When deformed at a specific temperature, it will return to its original shape within a specific time. Diamonds lock securely, but setting a piece of titanium in this way runs the risk of loosening.

3. The rich color of titanium metal is an advantage, but it is not simple to precisely control the color and obtain the expected color. Titanium alloys are generally of high purity and have a particular neon color; if not matched, it will make people feel out of place.

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Jewelry is a work of art, and complicated craftsmanship is highly valued. Coupled with the artistic value brought by high appearance and extraordinary creativity, the value of titanium metal jewelry far exceeds the price of its material itself.

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