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International coffee day can be mapped from its origin in Ethiopia in the 9th century, thanks to a goat herder, berries, and a monk. In the 15th century, coffee as a beverage was recorded in 1652 the first coffee shop was opened in England. And by the 1770s, coffee became an economic factor and a drink for millions, and 1st October became international coffee day in 2014.

Autumn Sales

Some of the best deals you can find at Tim Hortons is that you can buy medium iced or hot coffee for 25 cents in Canada. Krispy Kreme is offering free coffee in the US. dunkin donuts are also offering free medium coffee throughout the day. YFN jewelry also offers autumn discounts on their products to make autumn more aesthetic. You can get up to 45% off on items. Their infinity necklaces and sister bracelets are on up to 60% discount for you. You will find products as low as $9.99 due to their fall sale.

YFN autumn sale is as good as it can get.

They have a total of 29 products up for grabs.

From infinity necklaces to sister bracelets to sterling studs, since the sale falls with coffee day, you can customize your own coffee day necklace by getting a symbol of coffee or get your favorite coffee brand embossed on the  925 sterling silver memory necklace. This item is also on sale and will cost you $45.99, while originally, it cost $65, saving you a total of $25.

Their infamous infinity necklaces are also up for grabs. Their infinity necklaces are sterling and have intricate details for a keen eye to notice. the item Rose Necklaces Infinity Rose Necklace Love You Forever Jewelry is also on sale for 21 %. you can get the beauty for $US 35 and save around $US 10. You can save money and get to treat yourself again with a coffee day deal or two.

You can get jewelry for as low as 9.99, too. Gorgeous pearl stud earring in silver with an intricate linear Criss cross design will cost you exactly $9.99 after a massive discount of 72%.and if you want to bank on it more, you can use the code: BLOG18 to further get yourself an 18% but on your first order. The catalog is highly extensive. You can select from necklaces, sister bracelets, body piercings, wedding rings, and charm bracelets. It’s a field full of flowers for you to pick.

If studs are not your thing and you gravitate towards necklaces more. You can treat yourself to a hot cup of free coffee with a blue cubic zirconia necklace also made out of sterling silver for the just US $ 14.99 instead of $ 42 after a 65% discount. Talk about a fall with falling rates.

Fall is also about sharing and treating your best friend or sister; you can treat them to a discounted coffee on international coffee day and save the money and get them a sisters bracelet from the YFN website. One of the best products from the sister bracelets is the butterfly cross always my sister forever my friend bracelet in 925 sterling silver. It will cost you $38 only. It has an intricate blue butterfly in the middle of a wireframe heart.

These items and products and discounts are just the tips of the iceberg. You should go to their website and comb through the multiple products that you want to adorn. And enjoy the bling with a cup of coffee on international coffee day.

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