I am enough thumb ring

Why do so many people think that wearing a thumb ring makes them gay? It is totally stupid prejudice. Everyone has the right to choose whatever jewelry they want. It is impolite to judge others just based on their outlooks. Actually, the first ring wearers are always men in legends since the origin ring is the sign of power. So let’s pick up more info about rings. i am enough thumb ring

There are two different versions of the origin of rings as follows.

Pharaoh’s Seal

i am enough thumb ring

When it comes to rings, love is always associated with them. In fact, the historical origin of the ring has nothing to do with love. In ancient times, the ring was actually a symbol of power. In ancient Egypt, it was very inconvenient for the Pharaoh to carry the seal, a symbol of power, out. Therefore, people changed the seal into a ring that could be put on his finger. Gradually, people thought it looked good to wear such a ring on their hands, so they began to imitate it one after another, and gradually it evolved into women’s jewelry. i am enough thumb ring.

Prometheus’ Chains

It comes from an ancient Greek myth. Legend has it that Prometheus was punished by the gods for stealing fire from mankind, so he tied Prometheus to a mountain and sent eagles to peck at Prometheus’ entrails. After being rescued by Haghekelis, the original chains that had tied Prometheus could not be taken off, so they became Prometheus’ ring. It has been passed down since then, and slowly evolved into a woman’s jewelry. Because of this legend, the ring, and the meaning of mutual maintenance.

Ring Meanings by Fingers

Though modern people no longer care traditional symbolism of wearing rings too much it is necessary to know the traditional symbolism meanings behind wearing rings on different fingers. i am enough thumb ring.

Pinky Fingers

It was popular in the 19th and early 20th centuries for men to wear two rings on their pinky fingers to show they were married. At the same time, people also wore a ring on the pinky fingers of their left hand to show they are single. But now, its traditional historic symbolism has weakened and more and more people wear rings on their pinky fingers just for fun.

Ring Fingers

In many cultures, the left ring finger is traditionally reserved for wedding and engagement rings. Several countries also use the ring finger on the right hand for the same purpose. These include Germany, Russia, India, and a number of other countries. Wearing a ring on this exact finger could mean Betrothal, Chastity, Marry ring, Promise, and Eternal love.

Middle Fingers

When it comes to middle fingers, there is no special traditional symbolism behind them. But because it is in the middle of your hand, wearing a ring on your middle finger symbolizes balance. Therefore, wearing a ring on your middle finger has little possibility of making mistakes.

Index Fingers

Generally, the index finger symbolizes self-esteem, confidence, or family significance. This is also the reason why a lot of royal members wore rings on their index fingers. i am enough thumb ring.

Owing to the usually slimmer shape of this finger in comparison to the rest, literally, anything goes! And there is not much that keeps one from pulling off practically any kind of design on this finger.

However, the right index finger symbolizes marriage in some cultures.


The earliest thumb rings can be dated back to Egyptian times. Ancient mummies show that people in positions of command preferred to wear a kind of leather ornaments on their thumb as protective amulets. Therefore, wearing a ring on the thumb means status, power, and strength in a sense.

Nowadays, these rings are usually not regularly within the norm and this is precisely their charm. They are among the best pieces out there for expressing individuality and elegance.

I am Enough Thumb Ring

i am enough thumb ring

What you think should be responsible for most of the suffering we experience. Life is already hard for us to go through, if you can’t absolve yourself you will always get lost in your anxiety. And the ‘I am enough’ thumb ring is designed for people who are always focusing on their flaws and getting nervous. When you accept yourself whole-heartedly, then you can achieve a sense of peace and love.

In Conclusion

  1. Stop judging others since it can’t define who they are, it defines who you are. Try to focus on yourself.
  2. In the beginning, rings are a symbol of power and status or a kind of protective tool worn by men. With the evolution, rings have evolved into kinds of ornament which are adored by women.
  • Rings on pinky finger: stack two rings to show marital status in the past while no special symbolism behind it now.
  • Rings on ring finger: a symbol of marriage, eternal love, promise till now.
  • Rings on the middle finger: a symbol of balance.
  • Rings on index finger: symbolize commitment, achievement, status
  • Rings on thumb: a symbol of freedom or strong personality.

‘I am enough’ ring to remind you that only when you accept your flaws entirely can you achieve a feeling of peace.

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