In this article, we will discuss the legend, the properties, and the benefits of a beautiful natural birthstone, the Moonstone. When receiving a jewel with natural stones as a gift or wanting to give it as a gift, It’s better to understand its meaning, characteristics, and properties. Find out the mystery behind this magical stone with fashion inspiration from Angy on how to style moonstone stud earrings!

The Origins Of The Moonstone

The moonstone is a lava stone crystal with an appearance that leaves you speechless thanks to its optical effect. As the internal reflections of two types of feldspar, orthoclase, and albite. The two minerals interwind together in layers and the phenomenon called adularescence appears whenever light hits them both, this effect is comparable to moonlight. Precisely because of these plays of light, it was already used in ancient times to capture the lunar energy and it was believed that it was the lunar rays that gave it life, striking the rock with their light.

The moonstone belongs to the Obsidian family and is found in the white, brown, or blue varieties. Due to its mysterious origins, this gem is trendy in many popular beliefs and is considered a lucky charm and used in crystal therapy.

In India, this gem is considered a sacred stone that is revered. The sale is allowed only if placed on a yellow cloth, with a holy color and symbolizes the rebirth of passion in lovers.

The Legend Of The Moonstone

In Asia, moonstone is a lucky mineral. A legend has it that blue moonstones are born from the tides and the most precious ones arrive in the hands of men every 21 years, if they lost their luster, it meant that the owner carried a grudge.

A Roman legend has it that the image of the moon goddess was enclosed in the moonstone and that owning this gem helped stimulate prophetic power.

Moonstone: Meaning, Properties and Benefits

The moonstone is a gem directly connected with the symbolism of the moon and deeply connected to the woman. This is why it is a feminine stone, a lucky charm linked to the tides, the earth, the mother, the emotions and the cyclical rhythm of nature and women. This gem is a preferential channel with inner wisdom, also used by travelers as a protective amulet closely connected to the water element.

Benefits of Moonstone

Moonstone symbolizes woman and feminine energies. It allows to harmonize the cycle, alleviate menstrual pain, promote conception and stimulate lymphatic circulation and are also suitable for those who have problems in menopause. It also has a positive effect on sleep disorders and can also be worn by men. It is very sensitive and suitable for those who do kundalini meditation to regenerate spiritual energy.

Moonstone Jewelry Ideal Gift For Women

Wearing moonstone earrings or moonstone jewelry means being able to work on your intuitive side, removing energy blocks and at the same time harmonizing the natural cycles of the woman.

Moonstone jewels are truly beautiful and fascinating, as their very particular light varies according to the brightness of the sun or the light of the artificial environment in which they are used. Looking closely at a moonstone is like getting lost, fascinated, in a stone that apparently seems to have delicate reflections but, if a white light approaches, they come to life, taking on shades that are nothing short of fascinating and incredible.

Moonstone Earrings And Where To Buy Them | Moonstone Stud Earrings

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