As August is approaching, don’t miss a special celebration for our furry friends, the International Cat Day! Find out the history and 3 interesting ways to celebrate this lovely day! A memorable gift such as a custom paw print necklace would be great for a pet/animal lover friend!

Origin of International Cat Day

International Cat Day happens on August 8th of every year. It is a celebration to raise awareness for cat protection which was created in 2002 by the International Fund for Animal Welfare(IFAW). However, the following countries celebrate their own cat’s day instead of August 8th.

  • United States: National Cat Day, October 29th
  • Russia: National Cat Day, March 1st
  • Japan: Cat Day, February 22nd.

More Interesting Facts and Reasons to Celebrate Cats

Did you know that cats have been our companions for over 9,500 years? This fact was discovered in 2004 by French archaeologists who discovered a 9,500-year-old cat grave in Cyprus.

Another interesting fact is that in 1963, Félicette becomes the first astrocat to go to space!


Studies and reports show that interaction with cats can help reduce stress and improve health. Having a furry member in the household may provide emotional support to people under depression which can improve their psychological health. Cats stand beyond being our pets. That’s the reason why we need to raise awareness for cats around the world including the homeless ones.

3 Ways to Celebrate International Cat Day

#1 Adopt a Homeless Cat From Your Local Shelter

Whenever you are ready to care for an extra furry family member, then you are ready to bring their love to the household and chances to improve your well-being! Cats are one of the easiest pets to take care of. They are low-maintenance and rather independent compared to other home-friendly animals.

#2 Volunteer at a Cat Shelter

We must not forget that the main purpose of Cat Day is to help raise awareness about the dilemma of enormous homeless cats. One of the best ways to contribute is to help out at your local animal or cat shelter. You may help out with the daily caring duties including the groom, bathing, and playing with kitty cats to show your love. Lastly, make sure you tell the shelter staff and other volunteers how much they are appreciated!

# 3 Spoil Your Cats and Yourself with a Meaningful Gift!

This is the day to spoil your feline friend with new toys and fancy gourmet food! However, if you are looking for something more thoughtful and will last a lifetime and maybe a gift for a cat lover friend, don’t miss out on the following gift ideas!

1. Cat with Purple Heart Crystal Pendant | Jewelry Gifts for Cat lover Girls

This vibrant crystal heart pendant in graduated purple and blue cuddled by the kitten is the perfect gift for any cat lover. It would even more suitable for cat owners who own a cat with blue or purple eyes. The silver cat hugging a gradient sparkling crystal delivers the main message of the necklace, ‘My Cat is My Angel’.

2. Custom Paw Print Necklace That Holds Picture

“Even you are no longer by my side, you will be forever in my heart.” This is the main message engraved on the Cat/Dog Paw Heart Locket Necklace to help us always remember our furry friend.

3. Opal Crescent Moon Cat Pendant Necklace For Cat Lover

If you are looking for an elegant and subtle cat lover necklace, I would highly recommend this Crescent Moon Opal Cat Necklace. Feel the loving protection from the mesmerizing and authentic Moonstone on the cats and the crescent moon hugging the two to complete a heartwarming image.

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